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The Saskatchewan Seniors Mechanism (SSM) is a non-profit, volunteer organization.  It acts as an umbrella to bring together Saskatchewan seniors’ organizations to contribute to a better quality of life for our province’s older adults.

Home Supports Initiative

People want to age in their own homes and communities for as long as possible. At SSM we believe that if access to practical supports can be accessed as people age, they will be able to stay in their homes for years longer. Communities will continue to receive the gifts of volunteers, mentors, tax payers, entrepreneurs and active citizens who are aging in their town, village, city.

SSM is providing leadership and advocacy to make Home Supports a reality by launching the Home Supports Initiative on October 1, 2021. This work will continue through the coming months.

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INFO Home Supports Initiative

FAQ Home Supports Initiative

This is possible! We need YOU! Please join with SSM and the 800+ individuals who have already said “Yes” to making Home Supports a reality.

We are compiling a list of persons who are committed to the Home Supports Initiative. We need your name, phone number and email address. We will not share your contact information with anyone but need it to confirm you are a real individual. More names will lend more power to our demands. SSM will communicate with supporters via email, our website and Facebook. 

Click on the link and use the email that appears to send your contact information to SSM Home Supports Initiative.



Let No One Be Alone Week

Join us for Let No One Be Alone Week (January 23-29) to end isolation for those who have little meaningful social contact.

Please click the dates/topics below for more information and suggestions for action.

Monday, January 24: Why Have a Special Week?
Tuesday, January 25: Seven Genuine Ways to Connect
Wednesday, January 26: Six Meaningful Ways to Connect While Providing Others an Opportunity to Contribute
Thursday, January 27: Five Ways Community Organizations Can Support Those Who Are Alone
Friday, January 28: Seven Positive Actions Community Businesses Can Take


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Strategizing for Positive Aging in Saskatchewan

SSM Viewpoint - Can the Pandemic Lead to a Systemic Fix?


Join the Home Supports Movement

We need YOU!

Join by sending an email with your name and phone number to SSM.

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Gray Matters Winter Edition

Download a copy of the Winter Edition of Gray Matters - in colour!

Winter 2022

See updates on the Home Supports Initiative

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Don't ignore influenza. It can have serious consequences. Flu  shots are available now - freely given in pharmacies. Act now!  

Long Term Care – Basis for Spaces?

Long Term Care – Basis for Spaces?

Statement released by SSM in response to Saskatchewan Government announcement about investing in more long term care beds. SSM Statement LTC 08 04 final

Ageism in Saskatchewan Webinar

Is ageism a real thing? Should we be worried about it?  Are some people just too sensitive? How will I know if I support ageism or work to reduce it? Zoom recording of the Introduction to Ageism Webinar  

Positive Aging – Reshaping Support for Older Adults

SSM (Saskatchewan Seniors Mechanism), over the last 3 years, has done research that gathered information from older adults in SK and produced reports that communicated this information widely. Our experience shows there is little recognition that older adults range in...

2021 SSM Conference Sponsors

SSM CONFERENCE 2021 Thanks to all these sponsors for their valuable dependable support. Gold Sponsors                                                                               Bronze Sponsors                                                              ...

CONNECT – Seniors Mental Health

CONNECT – Seniors Mental Health CONNECT, is a pre-recorded presentation that offers support and ideas for older people to live safely and comfortably and to stay mentally and physically strong. Most effective if a group can watch it and discuss the information. A...

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