2021 SSM Conference Sponsors


Thanks to all these sponsors for their valuable dependable support.

Gold Sponsors

CAA Saskatchewan Logo. Large CAA in red uppercase, surrounded by blue oval with Saskatchewan in white letters, with tagline Insurance Travel Automotive Rewards
Sanofi Pasteur logo. Word Sanofi in blue uppercase letters, Pasteur in gold uppercase letters, stylized orb in curved teardrop shapes in gold, blue and green surrounding a white space that is in the shape of a dove.
SaskTel Pioneers logo. SaskTel logo with word SaskTel and lines forming a stylized rectangle (flag?) a central vertical line; word pioneers in dark blue lower case, a multi-point star in two shades of blue, and below, the tagline a volunteer network in the lighter blue

Bronze Sponsors

National Association of Federal Retirees Logo. Stylized maple leaf made up of three stylized person/leaves in red, blue, and light green. Words below are Association nationale des retraites federaux on one side and National Association of Federal Retirees on the other side.
Saskatchewan Union Retirees Federation Logo. Stylized image of two-tone green sphere within a white circle within a two-tone blue circle, supported by stylized "wings" comprised of three wavy lines, narrower at end near circle image, in alternating lines of green, blue, and green. Lines on left are shorter and go vertically up the side of the circle image, lines on right extend like wings, supporting the circle image and the words Saskatchewan Union Retirees Federation in uppercase blue letters. Letters SURF/CURC are below the circle, as if the larger "wing" lines were extending out from them. SURF is in green font, CURC is in blue.
Saskatchewan RN Association old logo. Large RN in red uppercase letters, with Saskatchewan in smaller uppercase in black above RN, and Association in smaller uppercase below RN.
Philips Lifeline Logo. Word Lifeline in simple script with word Philips above in smaller uppercase letters.