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A Century of Memories

Book cover for A Century of Memories (SSM publication). Montage of old black and white photos on a wine colored background.

Out of Print -- No Longer Available

A Century of Memories, recollections of Saskatchewan residents 90 years of age and older, was published in 2016 by SSM. It is no longer available to purchase, but some public libraries in Saskatchewan have copies, and therefore, any Saskatchewan resident with a library card may request the book through the province-wide load system. Check with your local library branch.

Prior to publication, Saskatchewan residents the age of 90 or older submitted stories of their life, memories of home, school, farm, holidays, food, the Great Depression, war, family, community, and much more. These stories were compiled by SSM, along with photos submitted by these contributors and others, and they became A Century of Memories. The book is a treasure that preserves a way of life that was familiar to so many people, and now is a part of Saskatchewan’s history.

The stories are in the unique style of each of the more than 130 people who added their memories to this book. There are memories from every area of the province, in prose and in poetry. A number of these people are no longer with us, but their stories in this book remain a testament to them, and to all who made our province what it is today.

We thank them, and we honour them for their Century of Memories.