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Annual Conferences

Every year, SSM holds a 1 ½ day conference with a theme focused on an issue that is important to older adults in Saskatchewan. There are keynote speakers, other speakers, panels, and other presentations, all covering some aspect of that year’s theme. These speakers may be local to Saskatchewan, they may be from elsewhere in Canada, they might even be from as far away as Australia. They all hold in common a keen interest and expertise on the topic being addressed.

The conferences from 2011 to 2023 are listed below. For some of them, there are links to video, PowerPoint and PDF presentations on topics of continuing interest to older adults here and elsewhere. Click the titles in bold to access the presentations. There is a wealth of information here.

2023: HOME -- Heart, Options, Meaning, Economics

Held May 17 and 18 via Zoom

Image for SSM Conference 2023. Smiling multi-generational family standing behind the word HOME with the caption under each letter of Heart, Options, Meaning, Economics.

Keynote Speakers: Videos are now available. Links are below.

Headshot of Bobbie Symes. Younger woman with long, brown hair, wearing a black top with a black and floral jacket over it. No smile, but pleasant expression. Against a blurred background of greenery.
Bobbi Symes
Headshot of Camille J. Hannah. Younger woman with long brown hair, wearing red patterned blouse, smiling, against a blurred background of greenery.
Camille J. Hannah

Bobbi Symes, MA, CPG, Assistant Director, Healthy Aging at United Way British Columbia, and Camille J. Hannah, Provincial Coordinator for Healthy Aging at United Way British Columbia, spoke about the Better at Home program of the United Way of British Columbia.

Link to the Better at Home website

Click here to access the video on our YouTube channel.

Headshot of Sonia Hsiung. Smiling woman in front of neutral background.
Sonia Hsiung

Sonia Hsiung, Director, Canadian Institute for Social Prescribing (CISP), spoke about Social Prescribing.

Link to Canadian Institute for Social Prescribing website

Click here to access the video on our YouTube channel.

Sharing Experiences of Realities of Life in Saskatchewan: Videos are now available for some of the presentations. Links are below.

What makes a place feel like home?

Making decisions about where to live in later stages of life – Sydna Stilborn, Joan Gray and Catherine Barnsley

How increasing fitness and wellness opportunities for older people builds connections in Foam Lake – Celise Hack Click here to view the video on our YouTube channel.

Reflection – Shan Landry

Affordability predicts where people can choose to live!

What is the ‘Silver Economy’? – Linda Anderson Click here to view the video on our YouTube channel

How much older people’s unpaid work contributes financially to our economy – Randy Dove

Providing needed services for older adults creates entrepreneurial opportunities – Driven with Care, SUDS Full Service Car Wash

Affordability predicts where people can choose to live! – Cheryl Loadman, Saskatoon Services for Seniors

Reflection – Shan Landry

How connections lead to meaningful lives:

How community services such as transportation and yard services facilitate independent living in Wapella – Karen Holloway Click here to view the video on our YouTube channel

Home-like models of LTC design: why they work for residents – Elizabeth Pywell

Local governments working together to support being Age-Friendly in Kipling and district – Don Johnson

Reflection – Shan Landry

Choices for individuals and communities:

The challenges and choices Rosetown considers when meeting the wants and needs of its older citizens – Jan Coffey-Olsen Click here to view the video on our YouTube channel

How to stay in your own home while dealing with medical challenge – Lyn Goldman Click here to view the video on our YouTube channel

Coliving: The journey to establish an interdependent community of older people – Doug Tindal

Reflection – Shan Landry


Saskatchewan Health Quality Council Logo. Words Saskatchewan and Council in smaller black font, uppercase; words Health Quality in larger blue font, uppercase. To the right of the words is a large blue Q with a checkmark forming the line on the Q

Saskatchewan Health Quality Council

From evidence to action: supporting research, collaboration, and skill-building to accelerate improvement in community-based care and services for older adults – Tracey Sherin


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2022: Home Supports -- From Need to Reality

Held May 18 and 19 via Zoom

Presentations: (videos now available!)

Headshot of Dr. Samir Sinha, speaker, SSM 2022 Conference
Dr. Samir Sinha

Dr. Samir Sinha (Canada, Director of Geriatrics at Sinai Health System and the University Health Network in Toronto and a Professor of Medicine at the University of Toronto and the Director of Health Policy Research at Ryerson University’s National Institute on Aging.

Click here for the video of his keynote: Location! Location! It Matters Where You Age

Link to the National Institute on Aging

Headshot of Michael Teit Nielsen, speaker, SSM Conference 2022
Dr. Michael Nielsen

Dr. Michael Nielsen (Denmark, Vice President responsible for Advocacy, Strategy, and Innovation at DaneAge Association – Ældre Sagen).

Click here for the video of his keynote: Danish Experience and Perspectives

Link to DaneAge Association

Headshot of Gillian Ranson, speaker, SSM Conference 2022
Dr. Gillian Ranson

Dr. Gillian Ranson (Canada, journalist and sociologist, a front-wave boomer herself, author of Front-Wave Boomers – Growing (Very) Old, Staying Connected and Re-Imagining Aging).

Click here for the video of her keynote: How Boomers Are Changing Views on Aging

Link to Dr. Ranson’s new book

Panel: What’s Happening in Saskatchewan with Wendy Thienes – Aging in Place Shaunavon, Jessica Brost, Paramedic – Reducing Emergency Calls with Older People, and Brian Harris – SSM Home Supports Initiative Progress Report.

Click here for video: What’s Happening in Saskatchewan

Panel: From Dream to Reality with Shan Landry (moderator); Beliz Açan Osman; Brian Harris; Rennie Harper; and Jayne Whyte

Click here for video: Home Supports — From Dream to Reality

Update on Australian Support for the Aged Programs


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2021: Positive Aging — Reshaping Care for Older Adults

2020: Positive Aging — Saskatchewan Needs a Plan!

Conference Agenda 2020


Speaker Video: Strategizing for Positive Aging — A Global Stage for Local Action (Jim Hamilton)

Speaker: What Does It Mean to be an Older Adult? (Norah Keating)

Speaker: What We Can Learn From the Experience of the BC Seniors Advocate (Isobel MacKenzie)

2019: Discovering Treasure in Our Hometown!! Discovering the Value of Older Adults in Our Communities

May 21 & 22, 2019, Conexus Arts Centre, Regina


Graphic of a winding path of dots leading to an X that marks the spot. Caption is Exploring the Route to Quality Life for All Older Adults in Saskatchewan

Keynote Speakers:

Headshot of Lorne Calvert
Lorne Calvert
Miriam Larson headshot, speaker SSM Conference
Mariam Larson

In addition to our keynote speakers we were pleased to welcome the following:

  • Seniors Strategy for SK Mapping the Future in Saskatchewan
  • Rural Transportation – Alexander Crizzle Finding the Best Route
  • Housing – Kristine Greenaway Where will you live? Check out the ‘Old Coots Commune’.
  • Ageism & Media – Linda Anderson Roadblocks or Open Roads?
  • Influenza Vaccination – Lunch Presentation by Sanofi Pasteur

2018: Moving Beyond Ageism

Conference title AGEISM (with circle and crossout sign over M) Tagline is ...moving beyond ageism

May 16 & 17, 2018

Michelle Porter headshot, speaker, SSM Conference

Michelle Porter

Director of Centre on Aging
University of Manitoba

Re-framing Aging – MIchelle addressed the surprising ways that others interpret our words and helped us find new ways to get the message across.

Isobel Mackenzie headshot, speaker, SSM Conference

Isobel Mackenzie

Seniors Advocate, British Columbia

Isobel addressed Ageism in the Medical System.

You can access the PowerPoint slides for her talk by clicking on the title

Other topics addressed were:
Media and Ageism
Recognizing our own Ageism
Personal Experiences of Aging – an amazing variety
How do WE move beyond Ageism

1. Become aware of the different aspects of ageism in our society
2. Consider how ageism effects older adults
3. Explain how ageist attitudes are communicated
4. Consider strategies to move beyond ageism to Age Is – positive images of aging

2017: Medical Assistance in Dying

2016: Alone or Lonely? Seniors & Isolation

2015: Changing the Culture in Long-Term Care

2014: Age Friendly/Elder Abuse Free Communities

The conference provided an opportunity for participants to explore what an age-friendly community is and to identify the connection between age friendly communities and reducing elder abuse.

Headshot of Dr. David Butler-Jones, SSM conference speaker
Dr. David Butler-Jones

Canadian Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse

Knowledge Sharing Project

Government of Canada logo. The word Canada in regular font in black, with a tiny black Canadian flag immediately above the final a.

2013: Finding the Keys!! — A Summit on Seniors’ Housing

June 11 & 12, McKenna Hall, Weyburn

Luncheon Speaker June 11, 2013 — The Honourable Dustin Duncan – Minister of Health

June 12, 2013 Speakers

Headshot of David Forbes, SSM conference speaker
David Forbes, Opposition Housing Critic
Headshot of Peter Gilmer, SSM conference speaker
Peter Gilmer, Regina Anti-Poverty Ministry


  • What are the issues related to housing for seniors and how are they being addressed?

2012: Remembering the Future – Can Medicare & Pensions Survive?

May 16 & 17, 2012, Hotel Saskatchewan, Regina, SK

Click Here for highlights.

Headshot of Louise Simard, SSM conference speaker

Louise Simard
Former MLA
Former Minister of Health (1991-1995)

Medicare – The Present & The Future

Lynn Digney Davis MN, RN(NP)
Provincial Chief Nursing Officer

Home Care & Long Term Care

Glenn Diecs
Home Care Consultant
Community Care Branch

Leanne D. Rein
Consultant with Special Care Homes Program
Community Care Branch

The History of Canada’s Pensions, Current Demographics,
The Effect of Changes in Pension Policy to Seniors & Their Income

Headshot of Alison Hayford, SSM conference speaker

Alison Hayford
Professor Emeritus
University of Regina Sociology Department

2011: Aging in Place — Meeting the Needs of Seniors at the Various Stages of Their Life!

May 17 & 18, 2011, Humboldt Uniplex, Highway #5, Humboldt, SK — In partnership with the Humboldt and District Seniors Association

Headshot of Michael Rachlis, SSM conference speaker

Keynote Dr. Michael Rachlis

  • A private consultant in health policy analysis
  • Noted speaker on ‘Health care and an aging population
  • Click Here for powerpoint presentation 1, Aging in Place and Developing a Continuum of Care
  • Click Here for powerpoint presentation 2, The Sustainability of Canadian Health Care


Roger Carriere, Executive Director
Community Care Branch, SK Health

Click Here for presentation, Saskatchewan’s Continuum of Care: Considerations in Developing a Seniors’ Care Strategy

Shan Landry, Vice President
Community Services, Saskatoon Health Region

Click Here for presentation, Aging in Place: Practical Aspects for Maintaining the Continuum of Care


Click Here to view Proclamation, Working towards a Seniors’ Proclamation on Aging in Place