Donation Received to Establish Social Prescribing in Saskatchewan

Social Prescribing in Saskatchewan

Living Well in Your Community

Press release dated March 14, 2024:

The Saskatchewan Seniors Mechanism (SSM) is pleased to announce that Saskatchewan will join other provinces and countries as they celebrate Social Prescribing Day on March 14th. Social Prescribing Day is a celebration of social prescribing that takes place annually to celebrate the people, organizations and communities who make social prescribing happen. 

Holly Schick, SSM Executive Director, announced that with the support of an anonymous donor, SSM is beginning a $4 million initiative that will establish social prescribing focused on older adults (55+) living in 14 communities (rural and urban) over a 4-year time span. SSM is partnering with the Saskatchewan Health Quality Council who will provide expertise in developmental evaluation and data collection throughout the initiative. On March 12th, Shaunavon became the first community to join this initiative. Another community, Moose Jaw, is set to become part of social prescribing. 

Rod McKendrick, C.M., Social Prescribing Coordinator, stated, “Many things affect our health that can’t be treated by doctors or medicine alone – like loneliness, isolation, or stress. Social prescribing is a way for medical professionals to connect individuals to a range of non-clinical services in the community to help improve the health and well-being of older adults. It addresses underlying non-medical causes as it promotes integrated community-based support and care and helps to reduce some of the dependence on health service providers.” 

Holly Schick concluded, “The aim of the social prescribing initiative is to ensure that older adults can live and thrive in their own homes and communities with access to activities, services and support they need. Social prescribing will address the social determinants of health and well-being including safety, security, quality of life, and an ability to choose how and where to live.” 

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