Growing Momentum for Change

Home Supports Initiative Logo. HOME is in blue font uppercase letters with gold heart in centre of O. Supports is in green script. Those words are enclosed by oval ending in stylized hand supporting the words. Tagline is Real Options, Better Outcomes, Lower Costs.

At the SSM Stakeholders Consultation November 23, 2022, there was an excellent panel discussion featuring Dr. Dennis Kendel, retired physician; Steven Lewis, health policy analyst from Simon Fraser University; and Shan Landry, SSM Vice-president.

They discussed why, despite the strong evidence of better health and happiness when older adults age in homes of their choice, governments have taken little action to provide support. They then asked how do we push for attitudinal change that results in new policies?

These are crucial questions as we move forward with the Home Supports Initiative.

The video of the panel discussion is available for you to view at this link.