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Home Supports Initiative

Home Supports Initiative Logo. HOME is in blue font uppercase letters with gold heart in centre of O. Supports is in green script. Those words are enclosed by oval ending in stylized hand supporting the words. Tagline is Real Options, Better Outcomes, Lower Costs.

Our vision of Home Supports

People want to age in their own homes and communities for as long as possible. At SSM we believe that if practical supports can be accessed as people age, they will be able to stay in their homes for years longer. Communities will continue to receive the gifts of volunteers, mentors, tax payers, entrepreneurs and active citizens who are aging in their town, village, city.

SSM is providing leadership and advocacy to make Home Supports a reality. The Home Supports Initiative was launched on October 1, 2021. This work will continue through the coming months.

This is possible! We need YOU! Please join with SSM and the 4,000+ individuals who have already said “Yes” to making Home Supports a reality.

We are compiling a list of persons who are committed to the Home Supports Initiative. We need your name, phone number and email address. We will not share your contact information with anyone but need it to confirm you are a real individual. More names will lend more power to our demands. SSM will communicate with supporters via email, our website and Facebook.

Click on the link and use the email that appears to send your contact information to SSM Home Supports Initiative.


Cover image of Home Supports Initiative brochure. Photo montage of active older adults, with the words "Older adults want to age well in their hometown. This IS possible." Home Supports logo
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Headshot of Dr. Samir Sinha, speaker, SSM 2022 Conference
Click photo for video of Dr. Samir Sinha's keynote at SSM's 2022 Conference, "Where People Age Matters"

Panel Video Stakeholders Consultation Nov. 2022

Click the icon for video of "Growing Momentum for Change" Panel Discussion from SSM Stakeholders Consultation, November 23, 2022 featuring Dr. Dennis Kendel, Steven Lewis, and Shan Landry.