Reducing Isolation of Seniors Collective (RISC)

Objective:  To measurably reduce the social isolation of seniors
in South and Central Saskatchewan

In 2016 the Government of Canada Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC), as part of the New Horizons for Seniors Program, approved three-year funding for nine collective impact projects across Canada designed to reduce social isolation among older adults at the population level.  RISC is one of these projects.

The other eight are:
Allies in Aging
Seniors Connect
PEGASIS: Pan-Edmonton Group Addressing Social Isolation of Seniors
Greater Hamilton Seniors Isolation
Keeping Ottawa Seniors Connected
ENRICHES: Engagement to Reduce Isolation of Caregivers at Home and Enhancing Seniors
Montreal Caregivers Collective
Quebec City
Collectif Aînés Isolement Social / Ville de Québec

As a part of the Government of Canada, New Horizons for Seniors Initiative to have a collective impact on reducing isolation of older adults, several groups in Saskatchewan have come together.  These include:

Alzheimer Society of Saskatchewan
Canadian Red Cross
Saskatchewan Population Health and Evaluation Research Unit
Saskatchewan Seniors Mechanism

We are also working with the Lifelong Learning Center and the Féderation des aînés fransaskois.  We believe that it is possible to make a difference in our communities and in the lives of older adults by working together.

RISC Brochure

Links to Partner Websites:
Alzheimer Society of Saskatchewan
Canadian Red Cross
Saskatchewan Population Health and Evaluation Research Unit

Federal/Provincial/Territorial Ministers Responsible
for Seniors Isolation Resources
Social Isolation of Seniors – Volume 1: Understanding the Issue and Finding Solutions
Social Isolation of Seniors – Volume 2: Ideas Exchange Event Toolkit

Supplements to the Toolkits listed above:
Social Isolation of Seniors – A Focus on LGBTQ Seniors in Canada
Social Isolation of Seniors – A Focus on Indigenous Seniors in Canada
Social Isolation of Seniors – A Focus on New Immigrant and Refugee Seniors in Canada

       Alone or Lonely
A resource for addressing isolation of older adults in rural communities


Strategizing for Positive Aging in Saskatchewan

SSM Viewpoint - Can the Pandemic Lead to a Systemic Fix?


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