SSM is very concerned about all older adults during this difficult time. We hope that all older people are considering themselves and others as they “physically distance” from other people, referred to nationally as “social distancing” and even further, “self-isolation”. Leaving one’s home as little as possible is necessary if we are going to “flatten the curve” of the spread of COVID-19. Transfer of the virus within communities that is not directly attributable to travel is just beginning to happen. That means that people who showed no symptoms or very mild symptoms are the source, but medical personnel cannot readily trace it and stop the spread.

We also hope that we all think about others who may need and appreciate social connections through phone calls, offers to shop for necessities or conversations via Facetime or Skype or other apps. While each of us may confirm that we have “buddies” who may give mutual support, let us live out “we’re all in this together” by intentionally connecting with older adults who may be socially isolated and in need of an encouraging voice and helping hand.

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