This April, help caregivers advocate for medication safety!

Seated older woman wearing pearls and earrings with cardigan sweater is turning and smiling at middle-aged caregiver, who is holding her hand. In an outdoor setting.

April 2nd is National Caregiver Day! In honor of the occasion, let’s show our appreciation for the important role caregivers play in ensuring safe use of medications.

Caregivers can be the first to notice the side effects of medications on their loved ones. They can also be the ones to ensure that these side effects are reported to a healthcare professional. Caregivers are in a unique position to advocate for the safe use of medications, playing an essential role in promoting the health and wellbeing of a family member, a friend or a neighbor!

How can caregivers help ensure the medications their loved ones are taking are right for them? Asking if they would be willing to have a medication review with a healthcare professional is a good first step.

Have you ever felt worried about the medications family members are taking? If so, take a look at this article that offers tips on how to start this discussion, and steps you can take to make sure the medications your loved ones are taking are safe for them.

Help us support caregivers in advocating for medication safety: share this resource with your friends and family!

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Article is from the Canadian Medication Appropriateness and Deprescribing Network.