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Century Club

The Saskatchewan Century Club is an association of seniors who have reached the age of 90 years and are determined to continue living in as full and active a style as possible to the age of 100 and beyond. There are many facets to a full and active lifestyle including physical, mental, social, spiritual and creative. None of these are exclusive, each may have limitations, but the goal in each case is to do one’s own best. Members hope, through example, to demonstrate the value of living for 100 years or more.

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The club provides a network for nonagenarians and centenarians who wish to establish new friendships and provide mutual support. Member benefits include motivation to keep active, healthy and involved in the community; opportunities, through support and example, to encourage others to lead healthy, active lives; special recognition and celebration at the age of 100 years; plus opportunities to keep in touch with other active Saskatchewan seniors.

The Century Club is administered by the Saskatchewan Seniors Mechanism. SSM, assisted by SaskTel Pioneers and others, organizes outings for members in Regina & area. Saskatoon Council on Aging organizes outings for member in Saskatoon & area. A Century Club in Moose Jaw has been established. There are members in other parts of the province, and we are looking for groups that would host events in other parts of the province at some point. Spring teas to honour the centenarians have been hosted now and then over the years by Lieutenant Governors in office.

A page in each issue of SSM’s Gray Matters magazine is dedicated to telling the stories of these centenarians. Also, a book called A Century of Memories was published a few years ago, containing memories submitted by those who were 90 years of age or over.

There is no charge for registration or ongoing membership in the Century Club.

Click here or click the image to the left to access and download a printable version of the Century Club brochure which includes the registration form. Adobe Reader is required to view this brochure.