Multi-Language Video about Older Adult Abuse

Few know what elder abuse looks like and fewer talk about it. So, it stays behind closed doors.

Dr. Kerstin Roger, Professor at the University of Manitoba, has prepared a 3-minute video available in six of the languages spoken in Saskatchewan and Manitoba. This 3-minute evidence-based video has successfully been helping residents of the prairies start to talk about elder abuse, regardless of language.

They ask that you share this video to help your community partners, agencies, older adults, and family members.

Click any language in the list below to view the video in that language.

Note that only the English and French language videos have voice-over. The rest are captions only, that are translations of what is said in the English and French videos. 

Who should I tell? (Elder Abuse Awareness) in






Plains Cree

Abuse is not your fault, is always wrong and there are ways to get help!